The Write Right Project and Chef Dreams

Find the  essays from Mr McNulty's class in the link below and give feedback to the respective writing.

Joanna 1
Dimitra 2
Christina 3
Athena 4
Prokopis 5

John 7
Irene 8
Margaret 9
Annie 10
Debbie 11
Silia 12
Marianne 1


The International Space Station at our service!

As we speak the Internatiomnal Space Station is in orbit!
Our school has been given permission to ask the Station to take photos of the Earth for us!
Which place of the planet would you like to take a picture of?

Here's what you do to take YOUR photos
1. Log in the EarthKam website

2. Login under MISSION LOGIN using "winners" as username and "hFfqgGiJ" as password

3. In the next page click on "Image Request"

4. Chose the orbit that goes over the Earth spot you want to take a picture of.
The orbits for November 14th are Orbits 1806-1820.
The first orbit deadline is: Orbit 1806 at 16:49:46 GMT
The last orbit deadline is: Orbit 1810- 1820 at 23:00:00 GMT

The orbits for November 15th are Orbits 1821-1838.
The first orbit deadline is: Orbit 1821 at 16:03:23 GMT
The last orbit deadline is: Orbit 1826-1838 at 23:00:00 GMT

5. Place the red marker on the spot of the map that you want to photograph and click submit
(Remember to chose a RED orbit that shows where the International Space Station will be during daylight.
All the information you need for step 7 appears on the screen. Click "Submit"

6. In the next screen enter one of your codewords.

7. Fill in the information from th previous page.
Remember to give your photo the name "winners+your name"

*. Click "Submit" and ISS is at YOUR service!
Your photo will appear in the Gallery section as soon as it's taken!

Grab your codes and take your camera with you!


City life - Best city contest

What are the factors that determine if a city is worth living in?

Did you know that there is an organisation which ranks cities according to their "livability"?
What factors are considered?
How did Athens fare?

You can find information in their site