ANTARCTICA calling Winners...

Our class communicates with The Amudsen-Scott station in the South Pole!
Johan, one of the scientists working in the station is open to our questions!
Here's some of the information he has sent us so far:

.... Due to our remote
location, actual telecommunications are problematic (though not
completely impossible), but we do welcome email correspondence.
The most frequent type of interaction that we have is more of a one-off,
where classes that are studying Antarctica put together a list of
questions, which we answer......

.....We are, by the way, scheduled to "open" tomorrow, though

the weather suggest that we may be a few days behind
schedule.  The temps are warm enough, but we've got high
winds and low visibility.

...and here are some photos of the station that Johan sent us...

It must be quite exciting to live and work in Antarctica, don't you agree?
So, what more would you like to learn about the conditions there?
Write your questions as a post